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"I am the man of La Mancha, my dream is impossible…"


And the first video teaser for The Mystic and the Pig Thief is up. With many thanks to Jack Varnell, the emotional orphan, for collaging images, editing sounds and generally beavering away to make this happen. If you enjoyed this, share it.


Really looking forward to Fran Lock’s debut


because ‘imagine it was your daughter or mother’
because a ‘cool story babe, now make me a sandwich’
because ‘congratulations you’re not a rapist!’
because she’s ‘less pure after you’ve touched her’
because ‘but what were you wearing’
because ‘cheer up love’
because ‘corrective rape’
because ‘i said you make me feel worthless and he replied i want to fuck you
because ‘female director’ ‘female doctor’ ‘strong female character’
because ‘i have the audacity to have a woman’s body’

because ‘avoiding the #YesAllWomen hashtag to avert getting angered by one-sided feminist drivel’
because ‘#YesAllWomen like to be validated’
because ‘#YesAllWomen is making me mad fucking self important retards’
because ‘as a guy who has been rejected, I can say women are superficial and wont give the avg guy a chance’
because ‘YesAllWomen can hide behind this hashtag’ 
because ‘Hijacking a tragedy to push a radical ideology is just as sick and narcissistic as Rodger himself’
because ‘#YesAllWomen need to know if they look hot’
because ‘stop oppressing men’
because ‘#YesAllWomen belong in the kitchen’
because ‘#YesAllWomen is the most anti-woman and ridiculous trend I’ve seen in a while. Basically if you are a woman you are a victim of rape LOL’

A Speech about Rugby

I was asked to write a poem about rugby so I fleeced Chelsey’s A Speech About the Moon poem.


Poet boyfriends. (Via Amy Key)


Poet boyfriends. (Via Amy Key)


(Cento based on lines from Girls)

This book doesn’t matter, that’s the first thing you need to know.
It’s made me want to find a hole in the world.
I thought it was colourful and cute.
I like reading emotional cues from strangers in high pressure situations.
Just how awkward it is watching everyone trying to get it up for each other.
I can’t take a serious naked picture of myself.
Is this rabbit the same rabbit that we were feeding and petting in a loving way this morning?
I’m attracted to everyone first time I meet them.
I made a mistake trying to repurpose you.
Please don’t tell anyone this, but I wanna be happy.